MA Laura Krok (1988)

graduated from the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz and attained further education at the Politecnico die Milano in Milan. Within my academic time I have focused on spacial and medial production modes ranging from graphics to objects to performances. I have always wanted to get to know different design processes to analyze and unmask current social developements and structures. Furthermore it fascinates me to work with diverse media: light, image, sound, text, object and material were assembled — often over a long period of time — to deliver new ways of thinking. 

I have also worked in a few design studios that use classical or new media to develop analogue and digital exhibition units. I find it thrilling to witness how art, design and technology is changing our vision of the world. However, for me, the interaction with human beings is always put in the foreground. 

Since comleting my studies I have primarly devoted myself to utopian topics with visual, creative means. I also illustrate stories and subjects that I make here availible free of charge. My work follows a conceptual and interdisciplinary approch based on a connection between different media. My series of work can also be used as a metphor for the search for perfect beauty or bliss. The focus is on people and their wishes and hopes, but also fears. 

I am currently living and working in Salzburg, Austria.

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