The core content of the project is the current hype around crypto currencies such as Bitcoins or Ethereum and apocalypses such as the current pandemic or the financial crisis. For example, logos from Bitcoins and NFT’s or keywords such as Bitcoins Bubble or Non fungible Token and GIF’s from crypto coins and Ethereum also sound snippets can be used. The project is all about the non-commercial flow of money.

Because the flow of money around cryptocurrencies could consist of a hundred different possibilities. But even if the many financial possibilities in our life leave us overwhelmed and insecure: We have an apocalyptic fatigue, but we do not give up. No money for years, the banking system collapses, the savings are gone and won't let you go and your friends are looking for interest from you? Also, prepare yourself: buy a few bitcoins, do research on the internet, find valuable tips, stay cool. If the funding system is dragging itself into the abyss, you have to be ready to climb out again.

"Cryptocurrency, into the wild sea" is a long-term, location-independent project. Based on research on the Internet and Bitcoin shops in the six federal states, the project combines traditional graphic design of the subjects with a series of artistic and creative backdrops, juxtaposed with the man-made vanitas representations. These explorations allow a reflection on the instability, transience and variance of the world of cryptocurrencies. Each logo, which is completely unique in its composition, is only broadcast for one minute, while the juxtaposed, artistic backgrounds remain inside, seemingly unaffected by the ephemeral graphics. To quote Heraclitus: "Nobody goes into the same river twice because it is not the same river and he is not the same man.”

Personal Project
Graphic Design: Laura Krok